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5 Most Sensitive Parts of Woman

January 4, 2018  Asad Waqar 

Foreplay is one of the crucial part of the intercourse, it can really help you have a great sex with your partner. But for great sex, you need to have a great foreplay. In this article, we are going to list you five most sensitive parts of a woman that can spice your foreplay.

1 Neck – The skin on the sides of neck is considered as the most sensitive parts of the body. You can try sensual kisses, playing with neck in different forms. It can really arouse a woman and made her ready for the orgasm.

2 Lips – You can try Smooching, French Kissing, tounge kissing to arouse your partner. In fact this is the first step people start with it during the foreplay.

3 Breasts – Nipples are the among the top sensitive parts of the woman body. Cupping breasts in your hand while gently touching or kissing with your mouth can really turn the woman on. Then turn your focus to the nipples and play it the way you want like rubbing, licking etc.

4 Clitoris – Clitoris is a small sensitive organ at the top of vulva, just above the urethra and vaginal opening. Woman find it very sensitive when touching or playing with it and want their partner to touch this. It give them pleasure so woman find it very enjoying.

5 Ears – Ears are considered as one of the great spot for kissing. You can try sucking, licking her earlobe. It can really help them to get ready for sex.

So these are 5 steps that can really help you to turn the woman on for a good intercourse. But even after these steps, your efforts are not working, you can try Jamaican Stone.

Jamaican Stone is a herbal product that cures the problems of early ejaculation and help you to postpone your ejacualtion. This gives you enough time to do a great forpaly with your partner. You can easily stay for 3 to 4 hours after the application of this product. If you want to know about Jamaican Love Stone, you can visit here. You can order here online.

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