March 17, 2018  Ayesha Zabeen

It used to be that period sex got a bad rap but these days, a lot of people have come around to the idea that sex while menstruating is not only totally normal, it’s actually good for you. Still, there are many misconceptions about it It used to be that period sex got unfavorable criticism yet nowadays, many individuals have come around to sex while discharging isn't just absolutely norma

March 12, 2018  Ayesha Zabeen

In our society, there is a myth about wedding night sex. Every bride and groom will have the wonderful sex on their first nights. Its stupid idea, as that might not be the case for many of us, you and your partner can do to make the moment memorable for life time. Different people have dissimilar ides about the first night sex. The best way is that husband takes action of things and begins

February 16, 2018  Varun Naagar

Worst Sex Stories
Last week, we put out a require the best (worst) bad sex stories. And boy, did readers come back through. In fact, the hundreds and many submissions we have a tendency to received build us wish to retire our genitals forever. What makes a bad sex story the worst sex story, significantly once you have received 900 submissions of them in a very matter of hours? there's such a lot dissatisfact

February 12, 2018  Varun Naagar

How to use Jamaican Stone Spray - This is the first time in India to build the online market of  Jamaican Stone (Premature Ejaculation Spray) is the first time in India it helpful to increase your sexual stamina and you will stay last longer in bed . You are to put yourself in the driver’s seat and really manage when that tidal tendency of an orgasm reaches.  Jamaican Stone spray is the marke

February 9, 2018  Varun Naagar

Honeymoon Story Covering Couples Who Stayed Virgin Till Their Marriage
“It was completely impressive.. The day was total crap got married within the middle of winter. Everyone in the wedding, her parents, my parents, and most of our guests all had the intestinal flu. I’m talking stuff out each ends every twenty minutes, can’t even keep down drugs, headache, backache, the complete works. it was like my insides had been invaded by a demonic poo-flinging Pan tr

February 8, 2018  Varun Naagar

Extra Maritial Affair is More Erotic
In the survey, but half of married ladies married the one that was the simplest sex of their lives (53 % say that was an ex.) In fact, 67 % would rather scan a book, watch a movie or take a nap than sleep with a relation. Ryana Williams, a 32-year-old author from the East Village, says, “With the lads I’ve favored, the sex has been sensible, generally nice, however never ‘best.’ It’s

February 6, 2018  Varun Naagar

Are you missing the charm from your marriage?Are you missing the charm from your marriage?Do you want your partner is lacking interest in you?Well, this can be the matter that the majority marriages suffer and it ends up with each the partners either cheating on one another or separating their approach forever. once tying the knots, individuals sometimes believe that they'll remain forever, howeve

February 3, 2018  Varun Naagar

5 Types of Extra-Marital Affairs and Why They Happen
We all value love, then why will we interact in further marital affairs? helen Fisher, a biological social scientist describes it in an interesting manner. consistent with her, love is not extremely an feeling however additional of a brain system. when it involves love, we've 3 brain systems - initial is the sex drive, second romantic love and third, partner attachment. and the brain architecture

January 31, 2018  Varun Naagar

How to Play Like A Stud with your partner
Looking at me, you wouldn’t grasp i used to be a sexual deviant. On the surface, I’m a loving better half and smart mum to my children. however my exterior hides a awfully dark and atrocious secret: i'm obsessed with sex, and that i have affairs just to satisfy my uncontrollable sexual urges. “Before I discovered my sexual compulsion, sex wasn't one thing I enjoyed. I lost my condition to

January 27, 2018  Varun Naagar

For a person to achieve robust optimal erectile operate it needs strong blood flow to the penis. If a man's vessels are obstruction-free and elastic, this means his heart and brain are functioning and his erections ought to be rock hard. It does not matter whether it's of the involuntary sort or when a person is sexually stimulated. If he's unable to realize an erection, it could be a symbol of


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