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December 7, 2017  Asad Waqar 

I am kashif from Patna. Some years ago, I was suffering from Premature Ejaculation which almost spoiled my sexual life at a stage in my life. In premature Ejaculation, a person is not able to reach the satisfaction level. He ejaculates even before his partner get ready for the intercourse.

When I was married, I was excited for the first night. But it all got spoiled when I faced her. I was ashamed on my failure. It was something worst happent which nobody will want in his life. Our sex life was not going good. I was very stressed about this because I was not able to cooperate her during intercourse. She was also very concerned about this. She always asked me for this. But I try to put silly excuses which was not going to work.
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One day I shared this problem to one of my childhood friend, who was living in Dubai. He advised me to try Jamaican Stone to cure this problem. I told him that I had never heard of this name or medicine before. He asked me to keep calm and told that this product is not very popular in India, it is new to India but it has started to sell in India….and this is one of the oldest and most reputable techniques for curing premature ejaculation. He asked to me to give at least a try on his recommendation.
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I searched Jamaican Love Stone on internet, I found a website which was the official dealer of this product. I called the contact person for the detailed enquiry. The person asked me to rest assured and use it for once. So I decided to order it online. The order came on time and I was excited to use it. I read the instructions to use. It was very simple to use. When I started the intercourse, I was surprised by the effect of medicine. It was 30 minutes, and believe me I was no where close to ejaculation. It lasted for 3 hours. I tried different positions, enjoyed to fullest.

I am a satisfied customer of this product. This product helped to get me me my sexual life otherwise I have left the hope and decided to be a victim of premature ejaculation. But this medicine has benefited me a lot. If you are also suffering from premature ejaculation, you can at least try for once. You can order here online-
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