How long does the effect of Jamaican Stone does last?

The effect of Jamaican Stone is variable depending on the quantity of the Jamaican Stone you have applied, as indicated in the section “How to use Jamaican Stone”. However, the effects wear off after 4 hours after the application of Jamaican Stone.

Should I apply Jamaican Stone on a Penis which remains in a flaccid state most of the time, or is it necessary that it should be applied on an erected penis only?

Apply just a small amount Jamaican Stone on your penis while it is on flaccid state. Wait for 15 to 20 min for it to absorb and wash your penis. The menthol burning sensation will heat up your penis and will give you a stronger and harder erection.

Does it still work with a condom?

YES, Jamaican Stone will still work with the use of a condoms.

Can we swallow Jamaican Stone?

Absolutely NO! Likewise you should certainly make sure that it stays safe from children. In the case you have swallowed Jamaican Stone, seek medical advice immediately or go to the emergency. We disclaim all responsibility for misuse of our product.

Can I have oral sex, Anal sex, if I use Jamaican Stone?

Yes, so long as after the application of the Jamaican Stone you have thoroughly washed your penis. Remember, you should never swallow Jamaican Stone.

Do I need suffer premature ejculation to use it?

Not at all. Jamaican Stone will boost your sexual potential even if you are not suffering from a premature ejaculation. In this cases, an incredible effects will improve your sex life like never before!

Can Jamaican Stone cure premature ejaculation?

No. Jamaican Stone does not cure premature ejaculation however it does offer temporary yet highly-satisfactory results in delaying orgasm. During frequent use, it has been known to sustain erections even longer and halt premature ejaculation.

How does Jamaican Stone work?

Jamaican Stone is a compound of tree sap of natural grown herbs called Uncaria Gambir. Simply apply the stone or liquid at your Glans Penis (penis head) a few minutes before sex. After about 15 minute it absorb, you feel a pleasurable tingling burning sensation in your penis. It desensitizes the nerve endings, absorbed through the skin and does not work by numbing the penis like other products, but instead has very potent property that delays the orgasm reflex without dulling sensitivity or any pleasurable sensations letting you to perform sex for longer hours.


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