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Newly Married Couple on First Night

October 27, 2017  Javed Akhtar 

Hi friends! I am Rahul from Kerala , Karnataka, Before three months only I found with so many stories that’s  some are real and some imaginary. Today I am going to narrate my story which is a real and true one – In simply I can tell that it is part of my current life and I think you all just imagine what fantastic love story it is. Now the I’m starts the story. I am the elder son of my parents and an Engineer in software at Delhi, When my MCA result was declared I was very happy, I got 88 % and immediately called my father for this good news. He told me to have a visit to my birth place immediately.
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So I started my journey and after eight hours I reached my home, I was staying in hostel after my HSC, there I completed my graduation and Master’s as well with good percentage, I was outside from my home for 7 years and after seven years I came to my home. Some teens are there I was not in a position to know them because after 7 years I came to my home. I was happy, Even my mother was anxious to have a talk with me but I was searching for some one here and there but failed. Before 7 years when I was in high school she was in IVth standard and one of her friend Renu was in the same class also and they were my friends in village pond, in the lonely school garden and in the village mela ground.

Married Couple first Night on Bed

It was Ramnavmi, my parents decided to get me married. I was shocked a bit, but happy too. I confirmed my decision by asking them to go ahead. After a year, I got married, but I could not satisfy my wife as I was suffering from premature ejaculation. I could not stay for more than two minutes. I was much ashamed of this.

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My wife was very sexy by nature but I could not handle her. She always complaint of my dull performance on bed. Life was becoming complicated as I was not satisfying her. One day she decided to divorce me, I went into shock and life become helpless. I wanted to discuss this somebody, so I decide to call my best friend who was living in Mumbai and explained all this to him. He suggested me to use Jamaican Stone and shared the process to use. As I fiend was benefited from this, so I decided to give it a try. Believe me friends! It is an awesome product. I am really satisfied with this product. Finally my wife is happy with me.

this with somebody***

sexy in nature***
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