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Sexual Problems In Men and Its Treatment

September 14, 2018  Ayesha Zabeen 

Generally women are surrounded by sex problems, but it is not that men do not have sexual problems. Men often have sexual problems due to stress related problems. Men with Vitamin B can protect themselves against many sex problems. However, let’s know about the problems related to sex in men.

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When it comes to men’s sexual problems (Purushon Me Sex Problems), they first get attention on those who do not want to be interested in sex or who have no interest in sex.

The lack of sex power has become a common problem among men. The real causes are the lack of sex hormone testosterone. The decrease in the amount of testosterone in the blood is common among men when the age of 40 is exceeded. Hormones have a problem associated with age, but some people suffer from it at the beginning of their life. It can also grow with diabetes or other stress related causes. Lack of testosterone in the blood reduces fatigue, brain changes, insomnia and sexual desire.

The most common problem in sexual problems is premature ejaculation in men. In the course of sexual intercourse with men’s ejaculation, the sensation of the male becomes calm, even if the sexual desire of his female partner is not calm.

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The most common reason for most people ending in sex is the erectile dysfunction i.e. gender muscle weakness. These problems can sometimes be due to bad habits and lifestyle due to lack of vitamin B. This happens because of stress related problems in many people.

People who drink alcoholic beverages, etc. are depressed towards sex. Obesity disturbs one person from sex. Diseases such as heart disease, anemia and diabetes also make men feel indifferent to sex.

Tension related problems or the sex life of those who are highly busy also becomes depressed.

Many people are confused that there is a decrease in sex power in the body after one age. But this assumption is wrong because if men of this age take care of their health properly then they can enjoy the pleasure of sex in the same way, just as a young man takes pleasure in sex action.

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Lack of sex desire may be due to the use of more medicines, effects of diseases in the body, urinary tract disease, tension and mental problems.

Increasing sexual desire in men is also a problem in the growing age, due to which the prostate gland is going to increase.
Men can take care of their bodily problems by taking vitamin B, removing stress related problems and taking nutritious food and taking care of them properly.

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