How To Use Jamaican Stone?

HOW TO USE JAMAICAN STONE Buy Jamaican Stone Online In India

Jamaican Stone the perfect solution for untimely ejaculation and gives power to you to perform last longer in bed.

title-imgYou Can Use One Stone for More Than 20 Different OccasionsBuy Jamaican Stone Online In India

Jamaican Love Stone is very simple and easy to use. Beacuase of its little size, we can keep it privately and can utilise it any time or any place. Following are some instructions to use Jamaican Love Stone to utlize the maximum. It will help you stop your early discharge, offer harder erection. It allows you to stay longer in bed, atleast 4 hours, and maintain your erection through out the intercourse. It is 100% result oriented and effective. In simple terms, it will enhance your sexual life to the next step.  One Jamaican Stone can be used around 15 times! You will be stunned by the effects of Jamaican Stone!

SIMPLE AND EASY TO USE Buy Jamaican Stone Online In India

How to Use - Jamaican Love Stone

1. Take two drops of water in the palm of your hand. Mix the stone in your palm in a good way for 20 seconds.


Premature Ejaculation Solution

2.This will give a smooth liquid. By then, remove the stone from your hand, but be careful not to spill the smooth liquid.


Increase Sex Power Naturally

3.Apply a little amount of the liquid to the sensitive part of your penis, concentrate on head, neck, and underside.


4.Wait for sometime around 15 minutes to get it absorbed. You will feel a pleasurable cool shuddering consuming sensation on your penis. Then wash and dry your penis.

Don’t forget to wash off any remaining residue on your fingertips and hand after the application of the liquid.

For more info on “How To Use” watch this video:-Buy Jamaican Stone Online In India

Jamaican Stone is the Ultimate Delaying Solution for Men that battles untimely discharge and enables you to Last Longer in Bed at whatever point you pick. 


  • You should never lick it or swallow Jamaican Stone.
  • Keep a long way from kids.
  • Never keep away from washing your penis after the usage of the thing as said above.


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